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Handpainting Price Ridge+, R30, Ridge, Ridge30


Hand-painted scooter with your initials on it.

Custom colors are done by professional artist with premium quality of colors. Every Theme is designed by hands to highlight the every detail on your scooter. To give more personify touch we are giving your names Initials on your scooter.

*Actual color may vary from the image

*Delivery will confirm by the dealer

Available Theme: Chameleon Pearl Theme, Crystal Effect Theme, Crumbled Gold Theme, Honeycomb Theme, Galaxy Theme

  • Chameleon Pearl Blue Theme
  • Chameleon Pearl Red Theme
  • Chameleon Pearl Sky Theme
  • Chameleon Pearl Violet Pink Theme
  • Chameleon Pearl Yellow Theme
  • Crystal dark Knight Theme
  • Crystal Ocean Blue Theme
  • Crystal Passion Red Theme
  • Divine Gold Ridge
  • Honeycomb Blood Red Theme
  • Honeycomb Lady Pink Theme
  • Shiny Purple Theme
  • Sparkling Red Theme
  • Wild Chameleon Pearl Theme
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